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Online casino bonuses are perhaps the biggest reason why many people prefer internet gambling to traditional casinos. With so many different casino bonuses available, players are lured into online gambling. That’s why gambling sites are motivated to make the best online casino bonuses. They allow them to earn even more money. If you use them in a smart way, they can boost your chances of winning.

Casino bonuses are basically special promotions that online casinos use to attract new players or give something extra to their members. Nowadays, there’s a wide variety of bonuses and they can bring you a generous cash deposit bonus, free spins, and many other prizes. Casinos use it to motivate new players to join and encourage their members to gamble and risk more money. When it comes to players, they love it because by taking advantage of these bonuses they can earn much cash. Naturally, they’ll need to have some luck and skill to turn them into real money. Also, when looking for an attractive casino bonus, make sure to check out Canadian online casino bonuses, as they’re known to be lucrative and fair.

How Online Casino Bonuses Work?

To know exactly how casino bonuses work, you’ll need to know some basic things and more information about their types. There are many different bonuses that you can come across and each one of them is specific and offers you something else. So, don’t just find the first deposit bonus and take it right away.

Moreover, casino bonuses have a lot of things in common. Almost all of them have some playthrough requirements. That means you’re not able to make a withdrawal immediately but you’ll have to play with your casino bonus cash for some time until you reach these requirements. Once you’ve successfully done it, you can claim your prize. Furthermore, there are casino bonuses that are designed for new players such as the first deposit bonus. Also, there are those which aim is to keep the current members happy.

Types of Canadian Online Casino Bonuses

  • No Deposit Bonuses – In our opinion, no deposit bonus is by far the best casino bonus. It’s simple to explain how it works. To claim a no deposit bonus, all you need is to register at a virtual casino you like and fill in your information. After that, the casino will instantly give you your no deposit bonus. There are different kinds of this casino bonus. Sometimes you can look forward to free spins and sometimes cash. To withdraw your winnings, you’ll usually need to meet some specific requirements. All in all, no deposit bonus is certainly one of the best casino bonuses out there and it’s even better than the first deposit bonus.
  • Welcome Bonuses – Welcome bonuses, online casino sign up bonuses, etc. It doesn’t matter how you call them, you just need to know how they work and why they’re so beneficial. In many cases, it can look even more attractive than a no deposit bonus. A welcome casino bonus is offered to new players to motivate them to join a particular gambling site. Usually, to be able to get this casino bonus, you’ll need to make a new account and a small deposit. Sometimes no deposit is required from you. Some virtual casinos promise you a first deposit bonus, and some of them promise you a deposit bonus for your first three or more deposits. Almost all gambling sites boast this type of casino bonus. So, when looking for the best casino bonuses make sure to pay extra attention to this one. Often, they promise you both free spins to play with and bonus money.
  • First Deposit Bonuses – If you’ve been wondering how to make money from online casino bonuses, check out virtual casinos that have the first deposit bonus. This kind of casino bonus is one of the most common ones. The rules are simple and you can easily claim your first deposit bonus. You need to make your very first deposit at a particular casino that offers this type of casino bonus and that’s it. Of course, some other additional rules may apply but that differs from casino to casino. From our point of view, the first deposit bonus is an excellent type of offer and you can’t go wrong with this one.
  • Free Spins Bonuses – All slot machine fans want free spins. With them, they can play longer and with some luck turn these bonus spins into serious cash. We can think of many different types of free spins casino bonuses. They can be part of your deposit bonus and sometimes you may get them without placing any deposits or if you reach a VIP status at the gambling site you’re playing. Very often, if a casino puts an emphasis on slot games, they give free spins as part of their first deposit bonus promotion. Overall, it’s one of the top online casino bonuses you can come across.
  • Hot Bonus Offers – Hot bonus offers are interesting casino bonuses that occur occasionally, usually during a specific season or time period. They normally have an expiration date and often they’re related to some upcoming holidays. For example, this year we saw many Halloween casino bonuses. This casino bonus may bring you spins, a deposit bonus, as well as other types of prizes.
  • Mobile Bonuses – Mobile casino bonuses are offered by virtual casinos that have their own mobile platform. They can be more generous than other casino bonuses. We recommend you find a casino with a mobile platform and see if they have a no deposit or first deposit bonus and take advantage of it. Your deposit bonus at a mobile casino will motivate you to play games even when you’re away from home. In our opinion, gambling while traveling is fun and convenient. Hence, make a small research and see which mobile virtual casinos have the best casino bonuses.
  • Slot Bonuses – Whether you’re looking for free online casino slots with bonuses or the ones that require you to gamble with real cash, it doesn’t matter. This type of casino bonus is good for all slot players, for both absolute beginners and experienced risk-takers. Sometimes you can see a first deposit bonus that focuses on bonus spins for specific slot games and sometimes it’ll be a no deposit bonus or part of a special loyalty promo. Furthermore, this casino bonus can be very limited and related to only one slot. If you’re good at or simply interested in slots, feel free to search for the best slot casino bonus and claim it. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky and find a lucrative deposit bonus that can bring you plenty of spins.
  • High Roller Bonuses – This casino bonus isn’t common. It’s a deposit bonus that’s reserved for risk-takers who gamble with large sums of money. To get a high roller deposit bonus, you’ll usually need to make a generous deposit of at least 1,000 US dollars. Of course, your deposit bonus and some other prizes will be impressive. We don’t recommend this casino bonus to people who are just starting out in internet gambling. Yes, your deposit bonus might seem very high but you don’t want to risk large amounts of cash if you’re still inexperienced. Moreover, if you’re a player from Canada, feel free to check Canadian high roller casino bonuses. Their deposit bonus is normally larger and their requirements are quite fair.

Wagering Requirements

All casino bonuses come with a set of specific and precise rules and almost all of them have wagering requirements. They represent the number of bets you need to make in order to withdraw your casino bonus winnings.

Let’s say you’ve found a virtual casino with a first deposit bonus which has the wagering requirement of 35x bonus amount. Before getting the money from it, you’ll need to play through your bonus. This means you can lose your deposit bonus money while playing but at the same time, it can mean that you’ll earn much more than your starting deposit bonus. Again, you should look for no deposit bonus offers. Hence, even if they have high wagering requirements and strict rules, you have nothing to lose.

From our point of view, wagering requirements are crucial and you should always pay attention to them, whether you’re looking for a first deposit bonus or free spins promotions.


As you can see, every casino bonus brings you something else and that’s what makes them so exciting. Brick and mortar casinos won’t give you any deposit bonus and this is why we prefer virtual casinos. Of course, a casino deposit bonus isn’t the only type of promotion you can look forward to. There are also deposit bonus offers with no deposit, special high roller bonuses, loyalty points, etc. Furthermore, all of them have rules but usually, they’re concise and not strict. Players are drawn to virtual casinos because of their offers and they all want to get a nice deposit bonus when they register and start adding money to their account.

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