Best Sites to Play Bingo Online

Just like many online gambling sports ventures, bingo games started its venture into the iGaming market around 1996 and ever since it has been one of the most enjoyed aspects of online casino sites. Instead of balls used in the regular game, online bingo uses a random number generator that ensures that the games are fair. Another feature characteristic of the online variant is the chat functionality that fosters a sense of interaction and community amidst players. Online bingo has multiple variants with imaginative and vibrant themes to give it a new definition. Obviously, the online version lacks a game master.

Our Top Sites to Play Bingo Games Online

Posh Bingo
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Costa Bingo
House of Bingo
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Gravy Train Bingo
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Join Newbie Room to play for seven days FOR FREE! That’s up to £3K in free games. Just become one of the Newbies, following the on-screen instructions and claim 12 free tickets for each game.
Sun Bingo
Free Bingo - £280 in total game cash prizes
Join FREE BINGO ROOM daily from 12-12:30 pm and 5:30-6:30 pm with plenty of CASH PRIZES for grabs. Get FREE tickets to play and win , enjoy Online Free Game and get a share of £280 Cash Prizes!
Iconic Bingo
Free Bingo Games - Win up to £1.000!
Free Online Games to JOIN and WIN! Join Free Games DAILY at the one of the best online casino sites in UK. You can get Bonus every 20 -60 minutes.
Wink Bingo
3 days of free access - Win up to £900 in Bingo Bonuses
Get 3 days of FREE access to the Newbies Room. Wink Bingo - one of the best online casino sites with free signup bonus. The Newbies Room gives £300 in bonuses EVERY day!
888ladies Online Bingo
Free Bingo, win up to £888 Free
Three days of Free Online Bingo. At 888ladies you will find free signup bonus. Enjoy 10 min of Free Games between 7am and 10pm and win £20 no deposit Bingo Bonus every hour! Win up to £888 in three days!
3 days of free Bingo Games - £300 in prizes every day
Sign up to ang get 3 days of free Games for registration! Play everyday from 7;00 till 10;00 pm and win up to £300 in cash prizes DAILY!
Landmark Bingo
£3000 Free Bingo
Sign up to Landmark Bingo, Join Newbie Room and get up to £3000 in Free Games! You can claim 12 completely Free tickets for each game. Any winnings will be paid into the customer's bonus balance!

The Free Bingo Online Frenzy

You can choose to spend money from your own pockets or simply use the credits offered by the respective casinos. The respective casino pages will also come up with various tournaments, bonuses and promotional offers that are sure to give your online bingo gaming a new edge. You can play web-based bingo even on mobile phones provided the casino is optimized for mobile play.

How to Play Online Bingo?

Free Bingo Canada

Bingo games online are hardly any different from the games at real bingo-halls although, online bingo games are packed with exciting lotto news about tournaments and special gifts, redeemable gift certificates, and more.

All you have to do is simply first select a casino that offers lotto-style games online. Check out their reviews and be completely sure of its legitimacy. Sign up an account with the casino, and you are all set to play. Online bingo comes in namely four manifestations: 75 Ball variant, 80 Ball variant, 90 Ball variant, and Social Bingo. You can choose from among the three ways in order to secure the game:

  • One Line: you are to strike off an entire line of numbers horizontally.
  • Two Lines: you are to mark off two lines of numbers in a horizontal manner.
  • Full House: you are to daub off all the numbers.

Online Bingo Rules and Regulations

The rules to play a classic bingo game, whether online or on at a land-based bingo hall, are very simple and comprehensible. The only thing missing from an online bingo game is the smoke and noise as in playing halls. The pop-up window, which is the main bingo card holds the following information:

  • A list of the present participants.
  • A chat room where the players can exchange texts amongst each other.
  • Faces of the cards you are holding, which is usually three.
  • A tote board of the numbers called out previously and the current number.

So, every player gets as many as 3 cards per game, and the pattern to be matched is displayed to the upper right-hand corner of the bingo window. The system will then call out numbers at random when the players have to click the mouse to “daub” their cars. He or she can hit the “Bingo” button only when their cards are identical to the pattern displayed.

75-Ball Bingo

This game is a twist on the classic 90-ball lotto game that’s a favourite amongst Americans. All you are to do here is play a minimum of one numbered card. You can buy up to a maximum of 96 cards. The 75-Ball variant tickets usually consist of a 5×5 table of numbers from 1-75. Only the centre square is labelled “FREE”. The game’s payout rests upon the cost per ticket and the number of participants. The variety of winning patterns in 75 Ball variant is infinite, and you will be notified of the winning patterns of each game before you begin.

80-Ball Bingo

The 80-Ball bingo is not as popular as the 75 and 90 counterparts, but it’s well suited for somebody looking for something fresh and colourful. The 80-Ball variant card displays a 4×4 layout with 16 numbers. This game features 4 columns of different colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, and White.

In order to win a game, you should be thorough with the rules and always look out for special promotions. Try your hand in inexpensive or cheaper games if you are tight on budget and avoid playing during peak hours. Another tip would be for you to play with multiple cards.

90-Ball Bingo

The 90-Ball bingo is the most popular version of all lotto-styled games, and the only thing you have to do is purchase numbered tickets. Cross off the numbers being called out and cover three lines first to secure a full house and victory will be on your side. The tickets consist of a 3×9 table of numbers with nine boxes in each line, five out of which display numbers, and the rest go empty. Even if you were to cover a minimum of two lines, you are bound to receive big prizes. Generally, the game is played on bands of six tickets each.

Social Bingo

Social bingo also is known as entertainment bingo is a new welcome addition to the list of lotto-styled games. It is specially targeted towards younger players. It mixes up bingo games with other fun formats like themed nights, party games, and quizzes. For instance, you could solve the answers to the system’s quizzical riddles in order to reveal the numbers to dab off. It is a rather snazzy version of the classic 90 and 75 ball bingo games available online.

How to Determine the Odds of Winning Online Bingo?

It is safe to say that online bingo is a game of fixed odds which implies that every numbered card that you purchase has an equal chance of making you a winner. This means that you could increase your chances of winning if you manage to control or buy the greatest number of cards possible within your budget.

Therefore, a game with the least number of players will enhance your hand at winning; but say if the number of participants is ten and each purchase the maximum number of cards allowed, then you would have an equal chance at winning as your fellow gamers. Besides the number of cards and the number of participants, another factor that could enhance your chances of winning is the guaranteed jackpot amount policy. This suggests that the payout on how much you have spent will increase if the number of tickets you put into play when multiplied by the cost of each ticket is less than the guaranteed prize.

  • How Does the Number Bingo Cards Affect the Game?

Your most basic strategy to boost your potential number of wins is to buy as many cards/tickets as you can. Some casino sites will give you an advantage by actually providing you with valuable information on the total number of cards in the present game. You will be able to analyze your odds in the process.

Let’s say you buy one card, and there are nine more players who also buy a single card each. In this case, your chances at winning will be a one in ten. And say if you happen to buy eleven bingo cards, your odds will increase to a ten in twenty.

  • To Play With Fewer Players or More?

You can also evaluate your odds by knowing how many players are in the present game. So, if a particular game has a higher number of players, it would mean that there are a greater number of cards at play which will require you to purchase an even higher count of cards in order to up your odds. Inversely, you have a better chance of winning with fewer players on board.

But, here comes a catch! The higher the number of players in a game, the higher will be the jackpot value. This is because most of the lotto-style games have progressive jackpots. It is important for you to be able to find a balance between the number of players and the amount to be won. Playing rooms are generally quieter on weekdays in comparison to weekends, for instance.

  • Calls and Patterns

In every card, there is a certain number of winning calls as called out by the Random Number Generator. There are 90 calls in a 90-Ball game and 75 calls for a 75-Ball variant. Every game has various patterns and combinations that would help you secure a win.

With the progression of the game, your chances of winning increases because the number of balls left in the bag is constantly decreasing. For games whose wins are determined by patterns, it’s a given that simpler patterns have more chances off yielding wins in a short span of time in comparison to intricate patterns.

Popular Strategies to Smash Online Bingo in Canada

Bingo is a commendable social game, which can result in massive wins when combined with a few strategies. Bingo is a pretty relaxed game that lets you have fun and earn money at the same time.

First and foremost, the chat room is a fantastic place for you to collect some extra prizes. The chat moderator will notify you when the random competitions and prizes are up for grabs.

Besides, there are two more strategies: the Granville and the Tippett bingo strategies.

  • The former advises you to have an equal number of low and high numbers, like many odd numbers as even and having an equal number ending with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.
  • The Tippett strategy is not as popular but still effective to some extent. It says when you engage in shorter variations of a game, pick lotto cards that have numbers closer to 1 and 75. On the other hand, when you play longer games like that of blackout bingo, pick out cards that have numbers around 38.

Tips to Play Bingo Online

Although interacting and beating the odds at bingo is a matter of pure luck, here are some tips that would sharpen your approach to the game. For starters, as already mentioned before, avoid playing at peak hours. Pick your cards wisely. You cannot just buy the maximum number of cards possible and still not have common numbers. Learn and follow the Granville and Tippett strategies and apply them to see how they work out for you. This again might improve your chances but not guarantee anything since the games should be using a random number generator. Search for sites that are not only safe, legal, and reputable but offer better deals. Lastly, fix a budget and use it wisely. Stick to it to prevent the chances of additional losses.

Online Bingo: Free VS Real Money

Many lotto games available online run on virtual currency, which means nothing is spent from your own pocket and nothing gets added. Free online bingo games could be a nice element to try if you are low on budget or if you are just checking out the ways of the game. It is particularly effective for newcomers since they can try out the strategies and tips furnished above and check out how helpful the strategies turn out to be. Since no money is lost, they can try it over and over again risk-free.

You could always turn up your bingo gaming by a notch by investing real money on it. The hard cash version makes the fun game challenging and thrilling. Not only are there casino sites offering bingo games on the internet but also individual bingo sites. The site you choose to play at should be regulated, licensed, and certified by an independent licensing agency. Avail the no deposit bonus codes offered by various casino sites to play free online bingo win real money no deposit.

Check out free online bingo games for fun before you play online bingo for money.

Can I Play Bingo Offline?

Not only can you play bingo online directly from your web browser but also play it in the offline mode. To play bingo in the offline mode, you can download the innumerable lotto apps found in the Google App Store. These Games come for free and do not even eat up much storage space. It enables you to enjoy even with your network connection cut off.

In case, you were short on storage space, or you wanted to spice up your bingo game with you can always resort to playing it online on the various bingo sites or the casino sites. Online bingo does have a selection of other goodies as offered by the casinos. These bonuses, promotions, and organizations of tournaments and competitions will vary from site to site.

Online Bingo – Device Support

Mobile phones are an integral part of our lives as it is a source of entertainment, information, and influence and also helps us stay connected to the world. Thus, in the past few years, games like bingo, video slots, and the likes have been developed to be mobile compatible, which is a boon for bustling gamers all over the world. Bingo is one of the most popular games enjoyed by people of all ages. You can play bingo online free or for real money and also in the online or offline mode. Furthermore, mobile bingo comes with more rewards and multiple other variations. It also allows maximum socializing, almost on a global scale and you can play anytime anywhere be it from the comfort of your home or on the way to work.

Online Bingo FAQ

  • How does online bingo work? 

The main motive of the player is to mark off numbers being called out by the system on a card. The sooner you can mark off the numbers to complete a line or a full house and secure a win, the better. You will be awarded prizes for the same. You can play for free as well as for real money. You may like to go through the policies, terms, and conditions of the sites concerned to prevent throwing away your money for nothing.

  • Are online bingo games fair? 

Certified casino websites will never launch games that are unfair or rigged. While choosing a gaming site, please check if they are properly regulated, secure, and if they employ a random number generator and data encryption for privacy protection. The reason why some players might win more frequently than the rest could be because they pre-buy cards, buy the highest number of cards or they have more experience.

  • How do you win online bingo? 

Certain tactics that would improve your chances of winning are choosing a site with easier chances of winning, playing the bingo games at a time when there is less number of players, buying multiple cards and maybe perhaps putting a limit on your budget.

  • What is the best online bingo to play?

Multiple sites across the internet take credit in offering a vast array of lotto games to keep their customers entertained. The best Canadian online bingo for you would depend a lot on the type of a game you prefer to play. Read up multiple reviews, feedbacks available online to guide you.

  • Are online bingo sites fixed?

Well, you can always ensure the legitimacy of the casino site you are choosing to play at. If the website holds valid licenses from well-established institutions and employs a Random Number Generator or RNG, you can be assured of legit and fair gambling experience.

  • Can you play online bingo for money?

Yes, you can buy in your tickets for real money, and chances are you win actual cash in return that you will be able to withdraw. This makes the game of bingo all the way more thrilling. That being said, it is recommended for you to pick the gamble for a free option to try bingo games free online first to learn about the game rules and functions. Also, players are requested to look for suitable payment and banking options at the casino sites.

  • Do I have to download any software?

No, it is not necessary for you to have to download any software in order to enjoy a game of bingo online. You can play it at any online casino that offers bingo games directly from a flash enabled browser. All you would need is a compatible operating system and a stable internet connection.