Casino Welcome Bonuses

Casino welcome bonus is a common term that you can meet on most gambling websites. As per definition, it is a promotional or marketing tool that players can use at the time they make the first initial deposit at a casino. With the presence of numerous gambling domains that offer a similar range of games and gambling options, a welcome scheme is a good way to differentiate them. It also helps to draw in new customers that are considering signing up for a membership.

Best Casino Welcome Bonuses 2020!

party casino Up to 500$ + 20 Free Spins
  • New players only
  • Bonus Code: “WELCOMEBONUS”
Luxury Casino Up to CA$1000
  • CA$1000 bonus on first 5 deposits
  • Welcome Match Bonus
Mansion Casino Up to $5000 Bonus
  • New players only
  • Money welcome bonus
Ruby Fortune Up C$ 750  Casino Bonus
  • Match Bonus up to C$ 250
  • New customers only
  • 70x wagering
Rich Casino 750% Bonus + 110 cash Free Spins
  • New players only
  • 25x wagering
Rizk Casino 100% Bonus up to $500 + 50 Free Spins
  • New customers only
  • Free Spins winnings are wager-free
fun casino 100% bonus up to $123
  • New customers only
  • 50x wagering
Leo Vegas Up to $1,000 and 200 Free Spins
  • New player casino bonus
  • Free Spins on Book of Dead
Playmillion Casino CA$100 + 25 Free Spins
  • Use Bonus Code : SPIN100
  • 30x wagering


What Is a Welcome Bonus?

Welcome bonusThe welcome bonuses are of different kinds and apply to different games. Many casinos usually have such a promotional deal in the form of free spins that you can try on a new game. That is a great way for customers to try their hands and explore different features of a new video slot. Though it is common to see introductory offers on slot games mainly, some of the best online casino welcome bonus comes on poker, table games, and sports betting as well. The portals that have separate segments for such games usually divide the welcome schemes and make them relevant for the different segments. Again, some offer an umbrella-like promotion scheme that is applicable to all segments.

A welcome offer has certain distinct features that separate it from other such promotional offers. For instance, many casinos offer a no deposit scheme that can be claimed without registration with a site. Again, those who are already members of a site can make use of weekday, festive offers that vary in their terms and conditions. Hence, in this article, you will learn about the different kinds of welcome promotions, the conditions that usually accompany them, and how they differ or can be distinguished from other promotional schemes at casinos.

Welcome Deposit Bonuses List

This category of promotion can be of different kinds:

  • A sign up offer.
  • First/second deposit scheme.
  • Cashable/non-cashable promos.

How Can You Benefit from a Welcome Bonus?

There are several benefits that such promotions provide. Some of them are listed below:

  • The foremost benefit is the boost of wagering limits. Every casino has minimum deposit requirements that can be increased substantially when you take on a welcome offer.
  • Many slots are enticing and have favourable RTPs. If you wish to dabble and explore the features in many of them, having a bigger balance in your personal casino account can help. Statistics also show that the more you spin, the more are your chances of getting wins.
  • It is easy to sign up for such an offer, especially when casinos have more than one kind of scheme available. Once you have completed registration with a casino, it is easy to browse through the welcome offers and opt for a scheme or code that one deems big and best.
  • Most casinos have the welcome promotion conditions explained well. Hence, those who find the terms favourable can use such money to play a slot or other games of their choice.
  • Welcome promos can consist of free spins or extra cash in your account. In case there are free spins given, the terms usually include encashing some of the wins beyond a certain limit. In case cash money is given, you will need to adhere to certain wagering terms. Once those are fulfilled, you can withdraw your wins.
  • Some welcome promos are added separately to a customer account. Hence, one has the flexibility of using their own deposit money that does not have any wagering term added. At the same time, the welcome money helps increase the money available to players to try different games at a casino.

Types of Welcome Bonuses

When it comes to online casino welcome bonus, you will find certain types that are highly popular with the different casinos. These are mainly of the following types.

Matchup Bonus

This is usually one of the best casino welcome bonus schemes that are available. Most casinos make offers matching your deposit amount with a certain percentage of casino money. It is usually 100% or less of what a player has deposited for gambling. There is usually a certain minimum deposit amount that is required against which you can apply the percentage.

Multi-Tier Schemes

This is also a matchup offer where the terms include consecutive additions to subsequent deposits. For instance, one could get 100% on their initial deposit after which the second payment they make is matched up with a lesser percentage. In certain schemes, the multi-layer offers include matching payments for third, fourth or even up to the fifth deposit. There are certain conditions that remain applicable, such as wagering conditions, how to withdraw winnings, and so forth.

Free Spins

This is another form of a welcome deal that gambling websites make available. Here it is only about trying a game, on your desktop or mobile, with the free rounds that are given in the form of exclusive slot credits. There are conditions that define the use of the spins and how you can withdraw your winning money. The free spins could also be just on slots or on the live casino games. There is usually a time limit within which you need to use such spins once you take it up for real.

No matter what type of welcome schemes are available, they are usually defined by wagering terms, a time limit within which you need to use them and in certain cases, the kind of payment mode you use to make the initial deposit.

Sign Up Bonus

Many come across the term of sign up bonus. This is a welcome promo that becomes available for a customer from the time they sign up for a gaming account. The term is a common one since any form of welcome deal can be put under a casino sign up bonus. For instance, you could find free spins applied to a trending or new slot game as a sign-up bonus at an online casino.

Again, some are termed free casino sign up bonus or free money that is automatically assigned to your account and does not include wagering terms. Hence, if you get a free sign up bonus that comes with no wagering terms, it is easy to withdraw your wins as and when you like or after you reach the minimum level for withdrawal on a site.

In most cases, it’s best that you read the terms and understand what is involved in taking up a sign up offer. This will enable you to understand whether it is great or sure for you to try it. Once you have read the terms and find them to be reasonable, especially the times the amount needs to be wagered, you will know for sure if you want that extra money in your account or not.

Usually the times you need to wager the money and the kind of games you can use it on needs to be understood right before you opt for such a promo scheme.

First Deposit Bonus

This is usually the most common form of a promo deal that one can experience. A 500% first deposit bonus might not be very common, but a 100% matchup is definitely one that is commonly found on many Canadian and other gambling websites.

It is a first deposit bonus when you receive the same on your first deposit. It is also termed casino first deposit bonus that one can get when they register with certain relevant promotional codes that a site is offering. It is a good way to step up one’s initial deposit and start to wager on the games that one chooses. There is usually a percentage number that is associated with the sign-up promo offer. It could be a good way to begin at a new gambling page. It is important that you check the terms at the time of registration. Once that is done, and you are ready to claim the supplement to your deposit, it would be easy to simply click on the link provided and get the extra money in your account.

Most first deposit offers have a defined time period within which they need to be used. This is over and above the requirement of wagering terms that need to be fulfilled before you can withdraw your wins. Hence, the time frame and bet limits are important terms to consider before you decide to opt for a sign-up deal. On certain websites, however, the money is credited to a user account automatically after they sign up.

Second Deposit Bonus

When it comes to the second deposit or CA casino bonus codes, you will get to know the relevant eligibility terms from the official website or related forums. There are several second deposit Canada casino sites where you can obtain bonus codes. However, it is best that you opt for a Canada second deposit bonus after looking up the latest information on a website. This can be 100% or less or could be more of the deposit amount. Often, it is part of a multi-tier promotional scheme and is showcased in a table form or list.

There is a minimum deposit to be used in order to claim such a promo and hopefully to win a jackpot one day. Usually, the popular schemes with multi-tier schemes are listed on popular sites. Here one can come and click on a link and visit the relevant site to sign up for such a scheme. Usually, the second tier promo money is provided only after the first tier money is wagered as per terms and conditions applicable. Only then can one make their second deposit, claim the additional promo money and go about using it as per the set terms.

Cashable or Non-Cashable Welcome Bonus

When you look for the best welcome bonus credit card Canada you would be looking at the welcome bonus that can either fall in cashable or in a non-cashable format. For instance, customers who want the biggest deal on these sites will likely to find a non-cashable scheme or a scheme with maximum wagering terms. Such a requirement is not unusual since it usually helps to provide the extra boost of a significant amount. Those who choose to have a cashable promo will likely find it to contain a lower wagering term to encash their winnings.

If one is confused as to which kind of policy is better, one could look up instructional videos and check the privacy terms of a website. If you are 18+ or 21+ and would like to spend time at a gambling domain, then it is better to sign up for a cashable scheme. One needs to keep in mind that the withdrawal can be limited to a certain win amount over and above the bonus that is credited to one. A cashable promotion is usually a better deal as long as the wagering terms are reasonable, and it is possible to complete the same within the time limit provided.

How to Pick the Most Suitable Welcome Bonus in Canada?

For most of us, a free welcome bonus casino is probably the best way to enjoy and have fun at a casino today. However, there are certain terms that are usually attached to these promotional schemes.

Here are some steps to follow in order to know which would be worth taking up.

  • Before playing or signing up with a casino, it is best to look up the terms of their welcome offer.
  • It is also wise to compare the different reward schemes that are available on comparative sites.
  • Once you have done so and found one whose wagering terms seem reasonable, check-up customer reviews of the site.
  • This will help you decide which gambling domain is customer approved.
  • Once you have followed the guide above, you are good to go with a suitable welcome offer for your gambling days.
  • There is usually a code that you need to click upon after you have completed signing up using the registration form given.
  • With several competitive sites, you are sure to find one or more domains where you can claim attractive welcome offers, place your bets and look for fortunes.

Claim Your Welcome Bonus Online Casino

There are easy ways to claim a welcome offer from the comfort of your home. On most online sites, the following steps apply to claim initial promotions:

  • Before you claim a welcome code on a site, read up the terms and conditions.
  • Usually, you need to complete the registration process as well as get your identity verified to have a safe space for gambling.
  • Look up the advantage that such promotional deals offer to have a great chance of winning the money.
  • Once the above things are sorted, you are ready to use the welcome offers available.
  • After you have claimed the advantage, you can then try your hand at the different games as per their terms. In certain cases, you can wager the casino money fully while in others, only a certain percentage remains applicable.
  • The promo could also be in the form of free spins. In that case, you need to use the spins as per the prescribed number for the allotted number of days. Usually, the wins are subject to certain wagering terms after which you can withdraw the same.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditionsMost of us would wish for a free welcome bonus, but that is usually not the case. There are certain terms and conditions that are associated with such schemes. For instance:

  • The number of times you need to bet the money on certain games is the first aspect. This is usually mentioned clearly in terms of the promotion.
  • If the terms state 35x the bonus amount, that means that the money credited by a casino to your account needs to be wagered on certain games for that specified number of times before the wins become eligible for withdrawal.
  • There are usually set kinds of games on which the money can be wagered. For instance, one can wager the money mostly on slot games and a certain percentage on table games. It is best to refer to the fine print at the specific casino where you wish to use the casino money.
  • A timeframe also remains applicable for claiming as well as using the bonus money or free spins. Whether a mobile casino welcome bonus comprises free spins or bonus money, you will find that you need to claim the offer within a certain timeframe after signing up with the site. Once you claim the offer, you need to complete the wagering terms within a specified time period as well.


A welcome bonus is the first thing you come across at an online casino. It is usually a percentage that matches up the deposit amount you place. Once you have registered as a member, you can opt to use such a promo scheme. It is a way of attracting new customers at gambling domains and helping them explore casino games through the extra benefits with wagering terms applied.


Do I Have to Take a Welcome Bonus?

There is no rigid requirement to take up a welcome bonus. In certain casinos, it is automatically credited to a player account. In others, however, you need to claim for the same, and it gets credited to a separate account. Once you claim it, you need to complete the bet terms before you can withdraw your wins.

Do I Have to be a Member of the Casino to Get a Welcome Bonus?

Yes, in most cases only a registered member can claim a welcome bonus. However, some websites do include a no deposit bonus as part of their welcome package. This is usually available only with a few basic details entered, such as a valid email address. When registration is required, you also need to complete the verification process to claim such promos.

Can I Transfer My Welcome Bonus to a Friend?

Usually welcome bonuses are not transferable. That means you cannot offer your bonus link to another person. However, many sites do offer the option to refer a friend. In that case, the member receives a discount or a bonus code as well as the person who is joining up. Usually, members who refer others get loyalty points added to their accounts.

Do I Get the Same Welcome Bonus If I Deposit from a Mobile Device?

Many gambling websites have become mobile compatible, and the same website version remains available on mobile devices. In such cases, once you have registered as a member on the desktop version of a website, you can log into your account on mobile devices as well. This helps you to continue using your welcome deal on the go.

Why Should I Take a Welcome Bonus?

Such offers help to increase your wagering limit on the websites. For instance, if the minimum deposit is $5, with a 100% match up bonus, you can get $10 as total balance in your account. This will help increase the money you can spin slots with or play table games. Also, you get to wager on different kinds of games as per the terms applicable.

Do Welcome Bonuses Expire?

Yes, they come with a certain time limit within which you need to opt for the same after registering. For instance, if there are free spins, you can take them up only within 7 days after which they expire.

What’s the Difference Between a Welcome and a Deposit Bonus?

Usually, a welcome bonus is a kind of deposit offer. Most are matchup percentages which can be 100%, more or less, of the deposit you make on a site.