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Before exploring the plethora of 2020 best casino bonuses Canada we have in store for you, here is everything you need to know about online casino bonuses.

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Top Canadian Online Casino with the Best Bonuses 2021

As online casino veterans, we have spent over a decade in reviews of the best casino bonuses that punters can find out there. Over this time, one thing has become clear – there are dozens of casino bonuses to choose from! Our team of experts visited one site after another to examine the various bonus offers and listed only the best right here on our site. It doesn’t matter if you are a high-roller or just a simple grind-it-out player who takes priority in maximizing his/her wager on high-return online slot machines. We are sure we have just the ideal bonus for you!

What is a casino bonus?

Casino bonuses are rewards issued by the casinos to keep the players coming back to the site. They are also a strategy of getting new users to sign up. The best online casino bonuses have proven quite important to every casino player in several ways. This is because they are actual casino credits that you get just for signing up or playing in a casino. We understand that many players, especially beginners often get confused when it comes to the types of bonuses that we have. That is why we have explained each below.

Types of online casino bonuses

The following is a list of the most common types of bonuses that you can come across:

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus is basically the first bonus offer you will come across in an online casino as a new user. To keep up with the competition for new users, it has become almost a necessity for virtually every casino to list a welcome bonus offer, also known as the sign-up bonus, new player bonus, or first-time depositor bonus.

The welcome bonus is only available to new users. If a welcome bonus is launched on the site, you cannot take part in it if you are an existing user. This is regardless of whether or not a welcome bonus was available at the time when you signed up on the online casino.

Welcome bonus offers are typically listed on the casino in bold and can be seen by any user, logged in or not. The most common ones are listed as percentages ranging from 10% to 400% accompanied with a cap reward amount which cannot be exceeded (for example, 100% welcome bonus up to $1000). A 100% bonus up to $1000 means that if you deposit $200, you will get an additional $200 making a total of $400 to play with on the casino. When the bonus takes this form, it can also be referred to as the match bonus because it matches you with a cash reward proportional to the amount deposited.

No Deposit Bonus

In an attempt to compete for users, some casinos are willing to give incentive to players regardless of whether or not they make a deposit. This type of bonus is referred to as no deposit bonus and is typically issued to new players. In essence, it is an opportunity for the player to play the games on the casino for free and if lucky, walk away with free money. The best casino bonuses no deposit can range anything from $5 to $50. It is not much but all casino players are glad to take it because casinos are not known for just giving out free money.

To claim a no deposit bonus, you only need to sign up on the site. The bonus activation link is then automatically sent via email or through a popup message. If by any chance you don’t receive any of these, then you have to manually claim the no deposit bonus on the promotions page. This type of bonus is the best way of trying out online casino games risk-free. You can find the best no deposit casino bonuses right here on our site!

Slots bonuses

Free online slots are the most played games in online casinos. For those who enjoy playing online slots, casinos offer free slot machines with free spins no download.
The slots bonuses will be issued at the lowest value for new users in most casinos. Existing casino players might, however, be awarded high-value free spins, giving them a chance to make huge winnings, especially in bonus rounds. A good example of this type of bonus is 50 free spins Starburst no deposit.

Free Spins

An online casino can decide to offer a free spins offer. The free spins offer can either be a free bonus no deposit offer or a deposit free spins offer. To claim no deposit free spins, you are not required to make a deposit. This type of spins be issued to both new users and existing ones to encourage them to keep on spinning on their favorite slot games. Deposit free spins, on the other hand, require the user to deposit money to the online casino. They can also be issued to both new and existing casino users.

All free spins come with an expiry period, which is 24 hours in most sites. Failure to use them within the prescribed period usually voids them. Another important feature of free spins to be aware of is that they are often offered on pre-select slot games. In such a case, the free spins cannot be used on any other slot game other than the one stated by the online casino.

First Deposit Bonuses

These bonuses are awarded to celebrate a new user’s first deposit to the site. They can take several forms including cash, free spins, and free rounds. First deposit bonuses are exclusively available to first-time depositors only. This means that you will not access it if you have already made a deposit to the site. It is for this reason that you must be very careful so as not to miss out on the offer. Making a deposit without first activating or claiming it on the promotions page automatically disqualifies you from the first deposit bonus.

Another thing to watch out for with this type of bonus is the bonus codes. These codes must be used when you are making the deposit failure to which you will miss the reward.

Mobile bonuses

These types of bonuses are exclusively available to players on the mobile platform. The reason casinos offer best mobile casino bonuses is to encourage users to play on the mobile platform. It could take several forms including cash, free spins, and free rounds.

High Roller Bonuses

These types of bonuses are usually issued as a reward to players who have established their presence in the casino through huge wagers. To qualify for this type of bonus in most casinos, you must have wagered at least $1000.

High roller bonuses are usually issued as a 100% bonus on the deposit amount. In such a case, the player gets an additional $1000 to play with if he/she deposits $1000. This bonus is sometimes issued as real cash meaning that it can be withdrawn without any restrictions. The casino takes such a risk because it already knows that $1000 might not be much for a high-roller to walk away with; a high roller would rather have fun on the casino with the extra $1000 for an opportunity to win millions of dollars, which is why high rollers play in casinos in the first place. A high roller bonus is a strategy used by online casinos to appreciate and encourage the high rollers to keep playing on the casino.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonuses are those issued to the players who have remained loyal to a casino brand for a considerable period of time. In most casinos, the loyalty bonus is only available to the members of the Loyalty or VIP Program. The rules are simple when it comes to this type of bonus: the more you play, the more a VIP you are and the more eligible you are for a higher loyalty bonus. This type of bonus can be very useful because it is issued in real cash.

Referral bonuses

The goal of this type of bonus is to encourage existing punters to recruit new players to the site. All an existing player needs to do to enjoy this type of bonus is to sign up for the referral program. After signing up, he/she is issued with a referrer ID, which he/she must use to refer new players to the site. For every new player that registers using this ID, the referrer gets a referral bonus. Referral bonuses in casinos range from $50-$100 for every new user recruited to the site. They are a good way to boost your wager without having to deposit your own money.

Payment Method Bonus

Casinos may from time to time choose to reward all those players that use a certain deposit method. The goal of this type of bonus is to encourage players to use a specific deposit method such as a mobile wallet, credit card, or direct bank transfer. It ranges anything from 0.5% to 15% of the deposit amount.

Reload Bonus

This type of bonus is usually offered alongside the first deposit bonus, usually explained as a breakdown after the first deposit bonus offer. A good example is a 100% bonus on first deposit up to $1500, 200% bonus on second deposit up to $1000, and 300% bonus on third deposit up to $500. This makes a total reload bonus offer of $1500 ($1000+$500).

Cashback Bonuses

This type of bonus involves giving the lost wager back to the player. Some casinos may refund the full amount while others might decide to refund only part of it.

Game Release Bonuses

Casino operators in conjunction with software providers may issue a bonus when a new game is launched on the casino.

What pay attention to choosing the Best Casino Bonuses

As already mentioned, there are so many bonuses to choose from out there. Some of the casino bonuses, however, stand out from the rest because of the factors explained below:

  • Online Casino Regulation. Safety should always be a casino player’s first priority. Before participating in any bonus offer, you should always ensure that the online casino is regulated by reputable bodies such as the Kahnawake, UKGC, MGA, Curacao and other. You do not have to worry about this when trying out any bonuses on our site because each comes from a reputable, verified casino and the top 10 Canadian online casinos list.
  • The metrics involved. When it comes to online casino bonuses, there is so much more that is involved than what meets the eye. What’s saddening is that every online casino bonus guide that you find lacks enough behind-the-scenes knowledge and the only piece of advice they have for you as a bonus hunter is that you should avoid big bonus offers. You do not need to worry about the metrics here on our site. We have analyzed each bonus to ensure that they offer you exactly what they promise.
  • The bonus selection on the casino. Needless to say, enjoying bonuses is one of the main reasons why punters join online casinos. This means that we have no business playing in an online casino that doesn’t have a substantial collection of no deposit online casino bonus in their depository. Here at our site, we only look for the casinos offering several bonus offers on different game categories.

Why carefully reading the terms and conditions of a casino bonus is important.

As already mentioned, the goal of having free real money casino no deposit is to encourage players to wager money on the casino. This means that the casino might want to lure you to play the bonus without stating some critical information on the surface. No matter how tempting a bonus might be, it is always important to read the terms and conditions to avoid nasty surprises in the backend when you are trying to withdraw your bonus and winnings.

What are Wagering Requirements?

Most bonuses are linked to wagering requirements, also known as playthrough requirements. The wagering requirement simply refers to the number of times that you have to wager the bonus monies to be allowed to withdraw them. It is usually expressed as a multiple, for example, 10X, 30X, or 40X.

The online casino can decide to impose the wagering requirement multiplier on both the deposit and the bonus monies or on the bonus monies alone. In either case, it is important to be aware of the wagering requirement you have to complete so that you can plan ahead. Since wagering requirements were introduced, it is very common to hear people criticize no cash bonus casino based on wagering requirements. But wagering requirements are just a simple way of preventing a player from just signing up on the online casino and walking away with a huge paycheck without working for it. Wagering requirements should not be in any case be used to write off online casino bonuses as a scam.

How to claim casino bonuses and use them right

Of course, the greatest benefit accruing from online casino bonuses is the cash itself. The cash gives you a greater advantage by allowing you to wager huge amounts without using a lot of cash from your own pocket. Higher bet sizes mean greater risk, and we all know that the rewards are better when there is more risk involved.

Making the most out of the casino bonus

As much as we are saying that nothing beats the excitement of bagging free cash casino online, participating in casino bonuses with this as your primary goal might lead to frustrations. The best way to make the most out of the casino bonus is to enjoy the free credits while they last. Use your free spins, no-deposit cash or first deposit bonus to enjoy your favorite games for longer while trying out new games and tricks absolutely free. This way, you will not be disappointed when luck doesn’t hold up when you are using your casino bonus.

Final verdict

And there you have it; everything you need to know about casinos that offer free bonus. It’s now time to explore the latest casino bonuses right here on our site. Some of the best offerings you will come across are Microgaming casinos best bonuses & latest games. As usual, do not forget to read the terms and conditions of each bonus before participating.