First Deposit Bonuses

Online casinos offer bonuses and promotions to make the gambling experience even better. One of the best bonuses you can come across is the 500% first deposit bonus. Casinos in Canada make it available exclusively to you if you are a first-time depositor on their site. And believe us there are so many of these bonuses to cash in on.

To save you the trouble of rummaging site after site, we have compiled the best first deposit bonus casino, so here is the list of the Best Casino First Deposit Bonuses. Check the list and choose between First Deposit Bonuses, Sign Up Bonuses, Welcome Bonuses or Welcome Packages the best for you!

Best First Deposit Bonus Casinos 2020

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100% bonus up to C$400 1st Deposit Bonus

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What is First Deposit Bonus?

The first deposit bonus celebrates a new user’s first deposit. In simple terms, it is just the best Canadian online casino way of saying “hello new user”. The rewards are deposited in form of credits at the expense of the online casino.

The basic idea of all first casino bonuses rotates around matching, where the online casino matches your first deposit with a reward. It sounds like free money and sure is because it gives you a chance to play your favorite games on the casino for free. These first casino bonuses keep on changing from time to time, but some casinos will stay for long without changing or withdrawing the offers.

Types of First Deposit Bonus

First deposit bonuses come in various shapes and sizes, each with different terms and conditions. Here’s a look at some of them:

  1. Real Cash Deposit Match Bonus. This is the most common type of first-time deposit bonus. You are likely to come across it in virtually every casino when you are a new user. To claim it, you only need to sign up for an account and claim your match up by making a deposit. The deposit matchup is expressed as a percentage and usually has a cap, which cannot be exceeded. This prevents high rollers from earning huge loads of money from the casino just for free. Some of the limits can, however, reach up to 5 figures!A good example of this type of bonus is 100% match up to $1000 on first deposit. This means that the user gets a 100% bonus on the first deposit without exceeding the reward cap which is $1000. If you deposit $100, for example, you will get an additional $100 which makes a total of $200 to wager on your favorite games. Some casinos will even extend this type of bonus to the second deposit for new members. In this case, the player gets an additional bonus after making the second deposit to enjoy on games. Always watch out for the accompanying bonus code with this type of bonus because failure to use it disqualifies you from the promotion.
  2. Sticky bonus. Sticky bonuses can take different forms and are usually issued by casinos to encourage you to keep on wagering. A sticky bonus may not be yours to keep but can come in quite handy because you can withdraw huge winnings from the bonus rounds after you have met all the play through requirements.
  3. Extra Cash on Real Cash Deposit Match up. This type of bonus rewards the user with additional cash over and above the proceeds from the matchup offer. An example of additional cash on deposit matchup offer would be 400% first deposit bonus plus $10 extra cash. There are no additional requirements for claiming this type of bonus. As long as you have claimed the initial match up bonus, the extra cash is credited automatically.
  4. Deposit Free Spins. In this type of first deposit bonus casino, a first-time depositor is rewarded with free spins proportional to the deposited amount. Most casinos, for instance, will issue 1 free spin for every $1 that is deposited. This means that the player gets 100 free spins if he/she deposits $100.Most sites issue their free spins on preselect games. The player can, therefore, not use the free spins to play any other game. The free spins will also have an expiration period in most cases. Failure to use the free spins within the prescribed period of time automatically voids them. The free spin expiration period in most casinos is 24 hours.
  5. Deposit free Spins No Wagering Requirement. With this type of first deposit free spins, the player can withdraw the winnings from the free spins immediately without a restricting wagering requirement. In virtually all cases, the user’s cash is available for withdrawal any time. The player can, therefore, just make a deposit and then try his/her luck with the free spins and then withdraw his/her cash together with the winnings (if any) absolutely risk-free. An important thing to take note of is that you have to pay transaction fees in most casinos and so you will not withdraw your cash as is. Some of the free spins without a wagering requirement will also have a capped wins limit.
  6. First Deposit Cashback. Although this is not very common, some casinos can decide to give your first deposit back if by bad luck you lose it. Some casinos may decide to refund the whole amount while others may decide to give back all of it. Although you cannot withdraw the cash in most cases, this type of bonus allows you to play even more on your favorite games and possibly even make a profit.A good example of this type of bonus is 100% first deposit cashback up to 100. This means that if the player loses part or the entire first deposit without exceeding $100, the casino will pay him/her back. When computing the refundable amount, most casinos take into account all the losses made in a week.
  7. Referral First Deposit Bonus. The goal of this type of bonus is to get new players to deposit for the first time in a particular casino. The referrer is the beneficiary in this case. He/she gets free cash when a new player signs up and makes the first deposit on the casino using his/her ID.
  8. Payment Method First Deposit Bonus. A few online casinos offer rewards when you use certain methods to deposit cash. The aim of this type of bonus is to encourage new players to use a particular deposit method.
  9. Device-exclusive First Deposit Bonus. This type of first deposit bonus is only available from a particular platform. It could exclusively be available for players on iPad, Desktop, or Mobile.

First Bonus without deposit (free online casino money)

Although it is very rare, some casinos can decide to give you casino welcome bonus no deposit regardless of whether or not you make the first deposit to the site. The no deposit bonus casino list usually takes two forms explained below:

  • Free Cash No Deposit (with Wagering Requirement) This is basically free money rewarded to you by the free money no deposit casino just for signing up. This cash can be used immediately to play your favorite games. You can only withdraw this cash after completing the wagering requirement.
  • Free Cash No Deposit (Wager Free) Although this type of no deposit bonus is very rare, the casino basically just gives you free money. Although it does not exceed 10 credits in most cases, every user is glad to take whatever the casino has to give because it’s not common to get an online casino with free signup bonus real money. Instead of withdrawing this type of deposit, it is better to try your luck by playing your favorite games on the site.

To prevent users from just signing up and withdrawing the best casino sign up bonus no deposit, most casinos issue no deposit free spins instead of free cash no deposit. These types of bonuses should not be confused with the first deposit bonuses that require you to make a deposit to claim them.

Why you should use First Deposit Bonus

There are so many reasons why you should use online casino sign up bonus. Some of them are:

Get a Feel of the casino risk-free Getting a feel of the casino with your own money can be very expensive. Contrary to using your own money, first deposit bonuses allow you to try the casino games without using up your wager. To avoid frustrations, this should be your primary goal every time you participate in first deposit bonuses.
Walk away with free money You could walk away with free money if luck is on your side. Having this as your primary goal could, however, lead to frustrations.
Trying out new tricks Trying out new tricks with your own wager is not a very practical idea. First deposit bonuses allow you to try any tricks you have in mind absolutely free.

Where to find the best casino bonuses

Needless to mention, the best criterion for selecting the best online casino sign up bonus is picking those from reputable, verified online casinos. Besides having the necessary funding to afford the first casino bonus budget, these casinos tend to have more reasonable T&Cs, especially when it comes to wagering requirements.

As veterans in the online casino industry, we have compiled probably the largest selection of the best bonuses from only reputable, verified sites. This way, you do not have to look for the bonuses yourself. The only requirement to enjoy any of our first deposit bonuses is that you need to be of legal age.

What are Wagering Requirements?

First deposit bonuses have been available for a considerable time now, but have customarily come with wagering requirements. These wagering requirements are apparently the only downside that these casino bonuses have and surprisingly, most people are still unaware of them. This has led to dreadful surprises in the backend for many players when they are trying to withdraw their bonus monies and the winnings.

A wagering requirement is a restriction that prevents you from immediately withdrawing the first deposit bonus and any winnings that accrue from it. You will basically have to wager the bonus and the winnings (if any) repeatedly so that you can be allowed to withdraw them.
Before participating in any bonus, you need to carefully read in between the lines to know the exact wagering requirement. It is typically expressed as a multiple of the deposit amount, for example, 5X, 10X, or 20X. Wagering requirements can be viewed in 2 different ways explained below:

  • Wagering requirement on the bonus amount only. If you have received $100 in bonuses and the wagering requirement is 30X, you will need to wager 3000 (30X$1000) to be allowed to cash out your winnings. This does not mean that you have to present $3000 upfront because every game that you play after claiming the bonus will contribute to the wagering requirement.
  • Deposit + first deposit bonus wagering requirement. To further prevent a player from directly taking advantage of their promotions, some casinos will apply wagering requirements to both the deposit and the bonus received. If you deposit $300 and get $200 in bonuses and the wagering requirement is 30X, the wagering requirement, in this case, is $15000 ($300+$200 multiplied by 30). If the casino applies this type of wagering requirement, go for matchup bonuses offering 200% welcome bonus. Also important to mention, each game that you play will have a different contribution to the wagering requirement. This is usually expressed as a percentage and can be found in the terms and conditions page. Free online slot machines will have a 100% contribution to the wagering requirement in most casinos.

Understanding the wagering requirements is critical for every online casino bonus hunter. As fishy as they might sound, wagering requirements in reputable casinos are not necessarily a catch. They are just there to ensure that you put in some work before cashing out any fat paychecks.

Why reading the bonus terms and conditions is important

Here are reasons why you should carefully read the terms of an online casino bonus:

Know the games that contribute to the wagering requirement
We already mentioned that games contribute differently to the wagering requirement. Reading the terms and conditions will help you know the exact contribution of each game. You might be surprised to find out that some game titles do not contribute to the wagering requirement at all.

Avoid losing your bonus
Some casinos will automatically void your bonus and all the associated winnings if you try to withdraw them before the wagering requirement is met. These monies cannot be recovered once lost. Many players have experienced this as trying to make a withdrawal is one way of testing whether they are eligible to withdraw the bonus monies yet. The only way to know if a casino tolerates withdrawal attempts is by reading the terms and conditions.

Find the wagering contribution calculator for that particular bonus
Most casinos will include a wagering requirement calculator in their terms and conditions page. By using this calculator, you will know exactly how much you are expected to wager to be allowed to withdraw the bonus monies. If the casino doesn’t have their own wagering requirement calculator or a breakdown, wagering requirement calculators can easily be found online.

Final Verdict

Now that you know everything about best deposit bonus casino, it is time to try out as many different bonuses as possible right here on our site. The rule of thumb moving forward is not to primarily view these bonuses as a way of walking away with free cash but as a boost to help you play longer on the site. To claim any bonus of the bonuses on our site, follow these steps:

  • Register. The first step to getting your hands on any bonus is heading over to the online casino and opening an account. If you are not from a restricted jurisdiction, the site will allow you to provide your personal details so that they can set up the account for you.
  • Opt-in. All casinos will require the new user to manually opt-in for the first deposit bonus. You may be prompted to opt-in through a popup message immediately after opening your account. If there is no popup message, you will have to visit the first deposit bonus promotion page to opt in. Failure to opt in before making the deposit usually disqualifies the user from receiving the bonus. Before opting in, make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions of the bonus.
  • Watch out for the bonus codes. Most first-time deposit bonuses will have accompanying bonus codes. The bonus codes are usually found on the opt-in page or on the promotion’s terms and conditions page. As mentioned before, failure to input the bonus code when making the deposit disqualifies the player from the promotion.
  • Make your deposit. After following the above steps, it is time to make your first deposit. Most sites will credit your first deposit bonus immediately.