High Roller Bonuses

As a casino player, you only want access to the best and updated listing of bonuses and perks. We understand this need. This is the reason why we have compiled the best selection of premium online casino bonuses that can work for passionate players like you.

As part of our commitment to provide the best help, we have reviewed and collected the best high roller casino bonus and promotions online. All of these bonuses are sourced from the best and most reputable high roller casino sites. This means that you only get the best deals with friendly terms that can promote a memorable casino experience!

Best Canadian Online Casinos with High Roller Bonuses

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What is a High Roller Bonus?

Casino bonuses come in many forms and they often differ in terms of packaging and value proposition. One of the most popular types of bonuses for real money and free online slot machines are the high roller bonuses. As the name suggests, these types of offers are reserved for the high rollers or the ‘whales’ of online casinos. In the context of the online casino industry, they are the players who larger than usual deposits in top casinos in Canada and other territories.

The definition of this best Canadian online casino bonus often varies depending on the casino or operator. In one brick-and-mortar casino based in Australia, a high roller is one that puts between $50,000 and $75,000 to the betting table. In Las Vegas casinos, the minimum requirement is often pegged at US$150,000. Some online casinos may define their high rollers as those players who make a minimum of $1,000 in deposits or its currency equivalent. In short, the high roller is one who deposits more than what’s expected and plays longer than expected. They are considered as the ones with the ‘substantial financial muscle’, thus the customers who are more valuable to the casinos. This is the main reason why many casinos offer the best treats for these players in the form of improved no deposit free spins or higher deposit match bonuses up to 400% first deposit bonus!

Depending on the online casino, the standard premium bonus may look like the following offers:

  • A 50% deposit match bonus up to $1,000 on the first deposit
  • A 75% deposit match bonus up to $3,000 on the first deposit, bundled with free spins
  • A 75% deposit match bonus up to $1,500 on the first deposit
  • A 100% deposit match up to $2,000 with extra spins
  • A 200% welcome bonus up to $3,000 on the first deposit
  • No deposit bonus awarded upon sign-up

Although all bonuses are designed and marketed to attract all types of players, the high roller perks are specifically packaged to attract players who have more financial muscle. This is the reason why this type of offer is also packaged as a VIP bonus- it’s designed for the important player like you!

Difference Between High Roller Bonus and Regular Bonus

These types of casino freebies are designed as first deposit bonus casino offer – you deposit funds, and the casino will reward you with the bonus. But the similarities between the high roller and deposit match bonuses end there.

  • First, this online casino sign up bonus is aimed at the high rollers who are known to deposit and play more. As defined earlier, they are the ‘whales’ who can drop thousands of dollars in deposits at a time. This means that these types of bonuses target a specific clientele, while the regular bonuses are available to anyone who dares to deposit and play.
  • Second, these types of offers are more valuable than the standard online casino bonus. The minimum deposit may be higher, but you get more value and attention when signing up or depositing funds.

VIP Programs and Loyalty Clubs

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As a high roller, there’s a big chance that you will be inducted to the VIP Program or Loyalty Clubs of online casinos. If the online casinos are airports, you can consider these programs as special lounges where you are pampered and get access to the best offers and perks including online casino sign up bonus. By industry standards, the VIP Programs and Loyalty Clubs of online casino share a number of similarities. And some players and observers often think that they are similar. However, careful inspection will reveal the distinctions between the two programs.

The leading online casinos today offer a Loyalty Club, a special program that rewards loyalty and frequent play. Under this arrangement, players can collect points for every real money wagered on the casino. Often, the number of points that can be earned will depend on the amount wagered. In many casinos, a $10 wager (or its currency equivalent) is equivalent to 1 point. Different types of games will have separate point assignments, with online slot games offering a 1:1 point assignment. This means that a $10 wagered on high roller slots like Starburst from Netent will net a point. The objective here is to collect as many points as possible.

In most Loyalty Clubs, there are tier levels that players will pass through, each with a corresponding collected points requirement. Once a player meets the required points, he enters the said tier level and enjoys the no deposit bonus and other perks associated with it. It’s common to find an online casino offering different tier levels like Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. As a player collects more points, he moves from one tier to the next, enjoying the perks that come with it.

The VIP Program is often incorporated within the loyalty scheme, and often designed as the highest tier level. And since it’s the highest tier, membership can be difficult. Some casinos even offer the program by invitation only. The road towards the VIP Club may be difficult, but it offers the best perks and bonuses.

Here’s a quick look at the common perks and benefits that a VIP player can get:

  • Access to new and exclusive games of the casino
  • Dedicated Customer Support assistance, often provided by a Personal Account Manager
  • 24/7 access to Customer Support services and assistance
  • Increased deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Priority processing of withdrawal requests
  • Access to more premium high roller bonuses
  • Use of highroller bonus codes
  • Invitation to exclusive events
  • Invitation to online casino tournaments and other exclusive promotions
  • Anniversary or birthday bonus
  • Personalized gifts
  • Free spins, higher cashback bonus offers, and reload bonuses

Thanks to these Loyalty and VIP schemes of casinos, players can enjoy exclusive perks. With these offers, you are given more reasons to play the games and shoot for instant wins and the jackpots.

As a regular player, your objective is to join the program and enjoy the perks. In most casinos, the membership begins as soon as the account has been created. Here, membership is by default, and players earn points as soon as they deposit and play for real money. In some best deposit bonus casino sites, players will qualify if they have collected the right amount of points. Others will also specify a minimum deposit amount before a player can be allowed entry into the program. And in the more exclusive gaming hubs, entry into the program is by invitation. If the operator noticed your deposit and betting history, you will be given an invitation to join the program.

Advantages of Being a High Roller or Casino VIP

As a casino player, you should always aspire for the best things offered online. And when it comes to the most promising casino promotions, the perks for the high roller is the king. Here’s a quick look at the advantages of being a high roller in your preferred online casino:

  1. Get access to premium and lucrative promotions and offers. If you are a regular player, then you know that operators will do almost anything just to engage and retain players. One of the strategies used is to offer VIP promotions in the form of high roller jackpots and offers. You will instantly notice this as soon as you check out a premium casino. For example, it may offer a 100% deposit match bonus of up to $1,000. This means that if you deposit $1,000 online, the operator will reward you with an extra $1,000 which doubles your bankroll! Operators are driven by business, and it will do everything to retain players, like throwing lucrative bonuses to its regular members
  2. Play exclusive games. As a loyal player, you will also be given access to an exclusive set of casino games. Often, these casino games are supplied by premium software vendors and game designers. They offer higher betting limits, promising jackpots, and often associated with engaging sound effects and visuals. In some casinos, the high rollers or VIPs are the first ones who play the games in free demo or in real money mode.
  3. Invitation to exclusive events and tournaments. As a high roller, you are instantly invited to its exclusive club and the premium perks that come with the membership. And speaking of premium perks, one of the benefits that you can get here is a regular invitation to exclusive events and tournaments. Some casinos host social events and may even pamper its players in the form of tickets to sports games, championships, concerts, and music gigs. Operators often give out free tickets not just for the players but for their friends and family members as well. There are invitations to participate in exclusive tournaments or casino tables with higher betting limits. Being a VIP player is not just about the games and monetary perks; it’s also about living the good life for free!
  4. Get assistance from a Dedicated Customer Support Manager. The high rollers are valued online because they help sustain the business. They are known to deposit large sums of money and they are more loyal. As a way to give back, the best online casino often assigns a Dedicated Customer Support Manager who will provide answers and solutions in case of problems. If a VIP player encounters a problem while withdrawing funds, the VIP Support can provide immediate assistance without the need to wait or queue in line. You can even contact VIP Support in case you want to arrange luxury services such as hotel bookings, airplane tickets, or reservations in a Michelin-starred restaurant. In short, life is beautiful once you become a member of an exclusive club!
  5. Higher withdrawal and deposit limits. As a matter of policy, online casinos will specify rules and conditions when using the Cashier facility. Business-wise, operators want to ensure that all requests are above-board and will not disrupt the casino operations. This is the main reason why all operators impose withdrawal and deposit limits. On top of these requirements, the management may also set the pending and processing times. Players may end up facing a 72-hour pending time on top of the standard 2 to 3 days processing times. But if you are a high roller casino Canada enthusiasts, you may be given a preferential treatment online. When making a withdrawal, the casino may offer you higher withdrawal and deposit limits. Your requests will be given preferential attention as well so you will not wait for a long period of time. In short, being a VIP allows you to enjoy a quick service when depositing or withdrawing funds.
  6. Access to exclusive table games and VIP rooms in the Live Casino section. It pays to be a high roller if you are a fan of live dealer games. As a member of this exclusive, you are given access to high limit table games and exclusive game selections. You will even find ‘private rooms’ were only the high rollers are allowed to play. This is true particularly in games provided by Evolution Gaming. And since these tables are known for higher betting limits, you can be sure that the jackpots are massive as well.

Where to Find High Roller Bonuses?

Just like the other standard bonuses available today, the high roller bonuses are readily available. What you need to do is to learn where you can get these offers and understand how these work. If this is your first time to take advantage of these offers, we highly recommend that you check our website. We have compiled our updated no deposit bonus casino list, all reviewed and checked for their integrity and reliability. Our list of casinos has been visited and reviewed by enthusiasts so you can be sure that the services and offers are legitimate and above-board. All of the bonuses were covered as well, particularly the best VIP bonuses that can work for all types of players. These high roller bonuses are also categorized according to its types, from no deposit bonus to free spins bonus. If some of these bonus offerings and promotions are not clear to you, please don’t hesitate to browse our bonus guides or send us a message. Another option is to personally check all the offers of individual casinos. You may visit your preferred casinos, or you can check out a number of affiliate websites that collect and compare these bonuses for your convenience.

Why Read the Bonus Terms and Conditions and What Are Wagering Requirements?

Just like other marketing tools and promotions, these types of bonuses should be cleared up and reviewed. These offers work both ways- bonuses help players like you and these will also benefit the operators. You want to be sure of the details of offers to enjoy a stress- free casino experience.

One critical step that you can do is to read the Bonus Terms and Conditions. These are critical sections in the websites and they spell out the rules and conditions that come with every bonus offer. By reading these documents, you will know more about its validity, actual bonus value, and minimum deposit requirement. Some bonuses are valid for 30 days, but there are also offers that will lapse after 7 days when not used. These documents will also explain the minimum deposit requirement. Most bonuses will require at least $10 or its currency equivalent.

But not all VIP bonuses require a deposit; the no deposit bonus is instantly given upon confirmation of the account. More importantly, by reading these documents you will learn more about the wagering requirements.

Also known as the playthrough requirements, the wagering requirements specify the number times you need to wager the bonus before a withdrawal can be authorized. In casinos, the playthrough is represented as: x30 or x30 (b+d). If the casino awards you with a $100 worth of VIP bonus, you need to wager this amount 30 times before a withdrawal can be approved. There are instances when the combined bonus and deposit made should be wagered (b+d) before the withdrawal can be approved. The idea here is to find a high roller bonus casino that offers a lower wagering or playthrough requirement. Between a casino that offers a x60 and a x15 wagering requirement, you are better off with the latter.

When checking out the wagering requirements, you may also encounter the list of games that may contribute to the completion of requirements. As a standard practice, real money wagered on online slots contributes 100% to the set requirement.


Casino bonuses are wonderful perks for casino players. It allows you to play online slots for fun while aiming for the jackpots, and it helps build your bankroll. They come in different types, from no deposit bonus to free spins which can meet the needs of different players. But if you are looking for the best offers, the high roller bonuses are perfect for you. These are exclusive and more valuable bonuses that are given to high rollers of the casino. And once you become a preferred player online, you will get access to exclusive and premium perks that can improve your gaming experience. When value, exclusivity, and perks matter, always aim for the premium bonuses given by a high roller online casino!