Starburst Free Spins

You can win a considerable sum of payout without investing any money when you use a slot no deposit bonus. And if you’ve never played the famous slot machine Starburst, you can use this bonus to get spins in it for free! Below, we will explain how you can do this. We will start by explaining how free slot bonuses work and then talk about how you can get 100 no deposit free spins or 50 no wagering free spins on Starburst. In any case, you will get the opportunity to spin the reels of this slot today, you can count on it!

What is the Definition of a Free Slot Bonus?

Playing at an online casino is fun, that’s for sure, but it also includes some risks. Those who are new at online gambling focus on these risks most of the time and miss out on the most important things this experience has to offer. Luckily, there is a solution for this: free bonuses you can use on casino slots. Basically, these bonuses encourage new players to try their luck for free first and continue playing only after they are satisfied. And to provide this satisfaction, casinos allow these free bonuses to pay real money: if you win a prize with your free bonus, it is yours to keep.

This sure sounds like an awesome deal, but you still need to understand how these bonuses actually work and how to find the best ones. Yes, many online casinos will offer you free spins in exchange for a deposit or even without a deposit, but such promotions are subject to lots of restrictions. And these restrictions determine how useful these bonuses will actually be, so you cannot pick the first bonus you see. We prepared this guide to ensure that you do not waste money and time while trying to find the best slots bonuses out there. Let’s continue by talking about why most of the casino bonuses are for slots and what to expect from them.

Bonuses for Casino Slots

Slot machines are the most popular type of online casino game among gamblers. This is due to their simple rules, big payouts, attractive designs, and variety: no matter which theme you like, you can find a slot game for it. Pirates, mummies, aliens, cats, dogs, cars, and more: you name it, there is an online slot for it. So, it is natural that most casino bonuses focus on these games: they are popular, and slot bonuses will attract more attention for the same reason. And more players mean more money for casinos, it is as simple as that.

A slot casino bonus may award a cash balance (to purchase spins) or a certain number of spins for free. The latter is the most common one: almost every online casino in existence has a promotion that awards free spins to use on popular slot games. These spins are defined to the player account right after they join or make a deposit: as we will explain below, there are different ways to claim this bonus. In any case, however, those spins are yours and you can start using them immediately on Starburst or any other popular slot chosen by that casino.

What Kinds of Slots Casino Bonuses Are Available?

We can divide slot casino bonuses into three basic categories based on who can use them and how. Knowing about these distinctions will also help you understand how to claim them.

Free Spins

In this type of bonus, free spins are awarded as rewards to existing members who complete a certain action. This action is usually one of two things:

  • Making a deposit (in accordance with the minimum limit set by the casino);
  • Reaching a certain level of loyalty (as a loyalty reward).

As an example of the first, we can show deposits made at the weekend. For example, an online casino may give away 5 free spins for every 20 GBP deposit made on Saturday and Sunday. In the second option, free spins are part of the casino’s loyalty program. In this program, for example, a player who reaches the fifth level can claim 20 spins every Monday without having to make a deposit. This type of slot casino bonuses is exclusive to existing members. A deposit may or may not be needed.

Welcome Spins

This may be the most common version of this bonus. Online casinos do their best to encourage new members to make their first deposit. Offering a match rate and a certain number of free spins for this deposit is the most common method. The content of this offer (i.e., the match rate and the number of free spins) will be different at each UK casino. To give some examples:

  • 100% match + 100 free spins: You get a bonus of 100% of the initial deposit and 100 spins that you can use on popular slots like Starburst. For example, a 20 GBP deposit will get you a 20 GBP bonus and 100 FS.
  • 200% bonus + 50 spins: This bonus doubles the first deposit amount and adds the result as a bonus to your account. It also gives you 50 FS. For example, if you deposit 10 GBP, you will receive a 20 GBP bonus and 50 FS.

We can multiply examples, as UK casino sites freely determine the match rate and the number of spins. But in any case, this type of bonus is for new players and requires a deposit. The amount of this deposit (what the minimum limit will be) is determined by each casino itself, but it is possible to say that it usually ranges from 5 GBP to 10 GBP.

No Deposit Bonus Free Spins

It is possible to say that this is the most advantageous type of this bonus. It is mostly offered to new players, but as we briefly mentioned above, it is sometimes available to existing members (as part of the loyalty program). No deposit free spin campaigns allow you to win a certain number of FS without making any investment (i.e., without making a deposit) in the casino. All it takes is opening a new account, but sometimes you may be asked to use a code and/or add a payment method to your account for verification purposes. For example, as soon as you fill out the membership form and log in to your account, you get 15 free spins. You can use them immediately in Starburst or other slots.

The Reasoning Behind a Slot Bonus

The logic behind slot casino bonuses is actually very simple: marketing. As in every industry, advertising campaigns are organized to gain new customers in the iGaming industry too, and you get some advantages in return for becoming a customer. In the case of UK online casinos, that advantage is free spins: knowing that you will get free spins that you can use on a popular slot like Starburst can entice you to sign up for an online casino. Moreover, as we will mention below, casinos do not take any risk with this bonus due to wagering requirements.

How to Use Slot Bonuses Efficiently?

If you want to get the most out of slot bonuses, especially free spins promotions, you must first choose the right offer. In this context, no deposit bonuses offer the biggest advantage as they can be used without making a financial commitment to the casino. In other words, if you don’t win anything with your spins or don’t like the casino, you don’t have to continue at all: you won’t have any losses to recover from. So, the best way to use slot bonuses efficiently is to choose no deposit offers whenever possible.

If you can’t avoid making a deposit and this is the only way to get free spins, then there are other things to watch out for. We explain in detail below what they are.

Terms and Conditions Determine How Good Slot Bonuses Will Be

In this section, we’ll talk about what to look out for in free spins bonuses that require a deposit, but keep in mind that these explanations largely apply to no deposit offers as well. Regardless of the type of slot casino bonuses, you should start by reading their terms and conditions.

  • Pay attention to the duration and minimum deposit limits. The bonus may need to be used within a certain period of time (for example, within 24 hours of signing up). Also, be sure to find out how much you need to deposit to receive the free spins.
  • Read the wagering terms. Let’s say you get 20 free spins that you can redeem in the Starburst slot and win 150 GBP with them. This money is yours, but you will be required to wager a certain amount of money before you can use it or withdraw it. This means that you have to deposit money and play games at the casino. The bonus terms will include how much money you need to wager. For example, let’s say the wagering multiplier is set at 3x: in this case, you will need to spend 450 GBP (150 x 3) before you can withdraw 150 GBP. As soon as you do this, you can use your 150 GBP balance as you wish or withdraw it directly to your bank account. The UK licensed casinos are required by law to keep the wagering multiplier low. Make sure this value is reasonable and fair.
  • Check if a restriction has been applied to your account. Be sure to check what restrictions will be applied to your account and what you should avoid until the wagering requirement is met. For example, you may be prohibited from withdrawing money or have a limit set for your maximum bet.
  • See in which game the spins can be used. It’s good to get spins that you can use in Starburst, of course, but wouldn’t it be better if you could use them in both Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest? Opt for bonuses that allow you to use spins in a large number of slots.

Start Spinning the Reels for Free Today

Now that you have learned the most important things to know about slot casino bonuses, you can start having fun and winning. All the casinos we have selected for you offer different types of this bonus and work smoothly on both desktop and mobile. Choose one right now, claim your spins, and start spinning the reels. May Lady Luck be with you!